Saturday, August 24, 2013


It's Pow Wow time at Mashantucket. Every August the Mashantucket Pequot tribe holds it's annual Green Corn, Schemitzun,  pow wow. This is a very involved time for us as a family.
The Spawn help their grandmother and father with prepping tents and marking vendor spaces. I like to have them involved in their culture and helps them to have a sense that they are part of something bigger. It's a way that they can give back to their people. 

Tim, my husband, and his brother, along with a few helpers, tend the sacred fire. This is a great honor in my eyes as there are very few people in the tribe who have been taught how to light a sacred fire. I hope that this is something that the Spawn will be worthy of learning and that they will understand what an honor it is to know. Tim is also the coordinator for the Honor Guard. 

The Honor Guard is made up of tribal members who have, or are, served in any branch of the Armed Services. They carry in the flags and Eagle Staves at the start of Grand Entry and are a big part of the Veteran's Ceremony, where all veterans are honored, specifically those who have passed. It's very touching to see.

I'm proud of Tim and the Spawn for their commitment to their tribe and their culture. 

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