Sunday, September 22, 2013

They are People not Resources

In order for a business to succeed, you need customers. To get customers you need good customer service and good products. To get good customer service and products you need happy employees. Most companies don't seem to understand this simple concept. Instead they are so focused on the bottom line that the employees are considered a "Resource", like the copier or pens. Employees are people, with talents, skills, families and friends.

Google Businesses like Google have figured out a balance between productivity and employee happiness. They are currently ranked 55 in CNN's Fortune 500 List, and number 1 for Best Places to Work. Because their employees want to be at work, they are more productive and Google has been able to grow rapidly and is ranked #2 in the Worlds Most Admired Companies.

Obviously not every company has the resources to put in a sports complex just for employees but they can still treat their employees like people, with flexible time off, incentive programs and other perks that keep the employees wanting to work. These programs will cost money, which is a scary thought in a tight economy, but it's money well spent if the company spends it on targeted employee services. Find out what motivates employees and you will have less employee turnover, happier customers and become a more profitable business.