Monday, November 25, 2013

And Then There was Today

This post is going to be a little different from my previous ones.

I made a goal when I started this blog that I would post at least once a week. With my husband, children, other family, friends, and business I felt that I could manage this. Like most bloggers I struggled for topics at times, and was overly inspired at others. And then there was today.

Image by Benn Wolfe
I had intended to write a thinly veiled rant about how Christmas is not playing nice in Holiday Land by taking up all the days allotted to Thanksgiving, and more recently, Halloween. I even looked up the history of things like Black Friday, which was started in the 1960's because retailers figured out that having one day of huge discounts brought in a ridiculous number of shoppers who then stayed and purchased other things that weren't on sale. Thus making the books go from "red" to "black". The Friday after Thanksgiving is ideal because anyone not in retail has the day off and nothing major planned (Thanksgiving is on Thursday) and it's the first "vacation day" before Christmas, so people are starting to think about gift giving. Hence the term "Black Friday."

But the post never quite came together. It could be because my oldest Spawn went to a concert last night and his friends all crashed in the living room (were I like to sit on the couch and do my writing), or it could be having to get up before the sun to make sure that my younger Spawn actually put his homework in his backpack (and that he was actually using the new backpack, not the one with broken strap), or it could be that I spent to many late nights catching up with friends that I hadn't seen in a while, over the weekend.

Whatever the reason, every time I sat down to write this post I just couldn't do it. So I grabbed a bag of frozen fruit and threw it in the Magic Bullet with some milk and Splenda. While I was making my sherbet (or is it a milkshake?) I discovered that I really just didn't feel that it was right to write a rant during the week that we are all supposed to be considering what we are thankful for. So, I'll have to save that for another post.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Christmas wait your turn!