Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Now HootSuite Certified

HootSuite Certified Professional

I passed the test to become a HootSuite Certified Professional. I have wanted to expand my knowledge of social media for a while and have used HootSuite to manage my own company accounts for years. It was ranked the #1 tool for Twitter Management in 2012 and there are a number of reasons why this dashboard has become a favorite of those in the online and social media industries.

HootSuite developed HootSuite University to help learn not only their product but also to teach social media organization and strategy. I know that it sounds weird that my certificate is from a university that's only goal is to teach social media. But why not learn from the best? The social media industry is an ever changing, fast paced and growing one. By the time textbooks even get into finalized Kindle format they are obsolete. University's like NYU, Syracuse and Columbia, along with 350 others, recognized the need for social media certification and partnered with HootSuite to provide course work for classes in social media.

Now I can't wait to try out all the new tips, tricks and modifications to help not only my social media presence, but also that of my clients.

What do you think of Social Media certifications? Let me know in the comments.