Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Would You Just Shut Up Already?

Social media is a wonderful thing. It's allows us to connect with friends and family from all over the world. re-connect with friends from our "better" days, and even connect with that kid from down the block that you tried to ignore for all of elementary school who is now a VP at some law firm.

But it also has a lot of noise. Some is created by narcissistic "friends" who think you care what they ate for lunch. Some is from apps that are begging for attention (and more customers) so they want to post every little thing the app does on your Facebook or Twitter. But a lot of it comes from mindless repeats of the same content over and over.

Let me clarify that there is nothing wrong with retweeting or sharing a relevant and interesting post. And, what's relevant to you is not necessarily relevant to me. That said, there is a difference between sharing good content and posting to hear yourself talk.

As a business you want your message heard. Cluttering up your timeline or homepage with irrelevant material will only confuse and alienate your customers. Keep your posts interesting to your target market by making sure they are relevant. There are several ways to check if your content is relevant or just noise.

1. Know your audience. This is more than are they women or men. It's knowing how to address them. What tone of voice and point of view will attract the type of followers that will become customers.
2. Review your material. Look at your last 10 tweets. Can you remember why you posted them? Were they relevant to your customers? Did you read the articles before you retweeted them to ensure they will promote your message? If you answered no to any of these questions then you may just be adding noise and alienating potential customers.
3. Create new content. New content can be your opinion on a relevant topic, a review of a new product or service that would interest your potential clients, or announcements of new products and services that you offer. Content should be a mix of these. If your postings are only sales pitches and "look at me" type announcements then customers will get bored and stop following you.

If you keep your postings relevant with new, original content mixed with relevant retweets or shared content then your followers will grow organically. And you have a better chance of them becoming clients rather than just more noise. To quote my brother,

"No one goes to Home Depot looking for a mattress." 

So if your tweeting for Home Depot, then don't irritate your customers by posting articles about great mattresses.