Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Beauty is one of those things that is very subjective. What one person finds attractive, another doesn't. This doesn't make it wrong but in our current society it can make it uncomfortable for those who do not fit the popular definition of beauty. 

I tend to find beauty in the oddest of things. The way the sunlight flows through the trees, the intricate detailing of a piece of lace, or the power of emotion that can come from a well done black and white image. 

Beauty, in all it's forms, should be cherished. So how does this apply to social media? I'm glad you asked. It applies because social media is a very visual forum. The imagery and design should reflect what your target market finds beautiful or attractive. 

If the fan page is for a conservative Christian church then their imagery would do best to reflect the values of their beliefs. Modestly dressed models reading scripture or attending a church class. By contrast, if the twitter account was to promote a bar or night club then it would be better to have images of models drinking or dancing. 

Designing a fan page is not about creating something that will appease the owners personal tastes of beauty, but rather creating images that will draw in and interest the potential customer.