Tuesday, July 22, 2014

ASUS T100 vs. Fitbit Flex

To make a short story long my ancient laptop died several weeks ago and after 2 weeks of no computer (ok I had the work desktop but it's in the studio, not my living room) I finally decided to get an ASUS Transformer 100 . I was a little worried about it being so small and there were a few reviews about the Windows updates causing issues. But I have small hands and (knock on wood)  I haven't had to many issues with it. Not to mention that after a week I couldn't figure out how I ever lived without being able to detach the keyboard and use the thing as a tablet.

My one frustration was that it kept dropping the wifi single. I tried to find an answer - but that's nearly impossible when you don't have any way to get online. Every time I ran into this problem we discovered it was because something was turning off the wifi. Just turned it off. Drove me nuts.

After it did it again this morning, while I was trying to print out a 4 page paper for a meeting in an hour via the home network which of course is on the wifi, my husband (the computer geek) decided to see if he could sort it out. Luckily he found the problem.

I had been leaving the puck for my Fitbit  plugged into the USB port when I booted up the ASUS. For some reason the ASUS was trying to read the Fitbit bluetooth device which was disabling the Wifi. So now I've learned my lesson. No more leaving the Fitbit in the USB port.

Problem solved.