Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Choosing a Wedding Photographer

Image by Nancy Catherine Walker
Wedding photography is a very dynamic industry. There are photographers who specialize in dramatic bridal portraits, in covering destination weddings in fancy resorts or those who excel in telling the story through candid portraiture. (my personal favorite) It's very important that brides review the type of work that the photographer does to ensure that they are getting they style of images that they will want to hang on their walls and show off to family and friends.

Even if they love the work there is more to consider. The obvious consideration is budget. It's not just about what the dollar amount is, but what are you getting for that price? Some photographers provide albums and framed prints, others prefer to hand over a flash drive. Some will spend weeks editing each image, other's will provide no editing. at all leaving the bride to do it themselves. It's up to the couple to decide what exactly they are looking for from their images and what budget they can afford.
Non-traditional wedding cake by Barbara May.
Photography by Nancy Catherine Walker

Regardless of the style or price, a good photographer will make sure to photograph the details. The little things that the couple painstakingly chose to have as part of their day because it meant something to them. These little details are what distinguish an amateur from a professional.

When choosing a photographer carefully pick the person who can meet your expectations with style, price and details.