Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Just Because You Can, Doesn't Mean You Should

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Americans value their freedom. There are constant newscasts about the peoples freedoms and the entire month of July is devoted to the subject as the country celebrates their independence from Great Britain. In recent years the focus has also been on honoring those men and women who fight to defend those freedoms. A group that has long gone unappreciated in the demands of a country that is known for doing whatever they want. What doesn't get mentioned the amount of responsibility that comes with having those freedoms.

We have all witnessed at one time or another. The tabloid reporter that publishes half truths or promotes violence but is quick to defend their right to free speech. The father of small children who leaves his loaded gun in the nightstand drawer and,  when in court for the death of his young son, claims that he has a right to own the gun. 

I'm not arguing the validity of free speech or gun ownership. I do believe in free speech and in owning guns for personal protection. What I can not condone is the blatant irresponsibility and lack of accountability. If you are going to say something scandalous then be accountable for the fall out. If you are going to own a gun then be responsible for it. Don't leave it loaded where your 3 year old can find it. 

We are a civilized society. We shouldn't need laws to tell us what types of guns we can own or what words we can say. Unfortunately, there are too many others who do not share my view on this, which is why there are numerous gun laws and constant requests to censor what is shown on TV. 

Going forward can we all please remember one thing? Just because you can, doesn't mean you should. 

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