Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Accountable for Self

One of the hardest things about working for yourself is accountability. When there is no one looking over your shoulder and no one to answer to it's very easy to let standards slip or put off work in favor of doing something else. Here are a few tips I use to stay on track.
  • Make a list of goals or a motivation board. Post it where it's easily seen so that you are reminded of what you should be doing. 
  • Take time to plan. Nothing "just happens." Once you know your goals figure out a basic plan on how to achieve the goal. At least once a week review the plan and update as necessary. If you have competing interests then plan out which ones will take precedence or how the schedule will be balanced.
  • Get a buddy. This could be a friend, business partner or personal coach. Somebody that you feel comfortable sharing the goal with. Someone who will get excited with you over progress and be able to encourage you when you hit a speed bump. An author friend of mine would post the number of pages she had written to her Facebook audience as a way to hold herself accountable. 
  • Plan breaks. There is an excitement that surrounds a new goal. For some people it's a bit like an obsession. But after a short while the novelty of the goal wears off and it can be hard to keep motivated. This is where breaks come in. Make them part of the plan to achieve the goal. 
Do you have any tips for  holding yourself accountable to complete a goal? Let me know in the comments.