Monday, October 13, 2014

Doing the impossible

After the race - that's not sweat it's rain
This past weekend I did something that was pretty impossible in my world. I was in a 5K as part of the NU Hartford Marathon. There are a number of reasons why this is impossible.

1. I'm not a runner and haven't trained for anything.
2. I only just discovered that I can walk a mile and not pass out - thanks to my husband who has been dragging me to the gym to be his unwilling exercise buddy.
3. I'm missing bones in my ankle so walking is a challenge on a good day. 

So just how did this happen? Well it started when an old high school friend mentioned that she was going to run the full marathon and asked if I wanted to be her plus 1 for the dinner the night before. I though this would be fine. I'll eat, hang out, take pictures. Little did I know she was plotting something entirely different. 

When we got to the expo she took me to the registration desk and the next thing I knew I had a number and was entered in the 5K. Well now that I'm signed up I guess I should see it through. And I did.

That morning it was in the 40's and already raining as we headed towards our respective start lines. As I waited for the start of the race I mentally tried to prep myself. Despite being cold and wet and miserable I had to see it through. The gun went off and I made a point to avoid those who were trying to run around me. I don't run if I can help it. 

By the first mile marker I was tired but my ankle was holding out so I pressed on. I found some others who weren't that interested in their ending times and we walked together for a while. Later I walked alone with just my music and the sound of the rain for company. By the end I was wet, cold and tired. But I finished. I finished a 5K. I still can't say it without shaking my head in disbelief. Not only finished but finished what had to be the one of the first marathons in terms of weather that was held this year. 

My friend is very proud of my medal (everyone got one) and I guess I'm proud of my accomplishment. That said I will try very hard to never do that again. The 2 days of limping as my ankle readjusts to the trauma that I put it through is something that I never want to deal with again.