Thursday, November 13, 2014

Working with Teens

I finally got the kids into the studio so that I could get some updated images. The last time they sat for me my oldest, now 20, was a senior in high school. This was particularly exciting because these are the first formal images of him with his girlfriend.

 The shoot got off to a typical start. With Corwin, who is pretty used to being in front of the camera at this point, introducing Samantha to the studio and helping her to feel relaxed about the whole thing.

Admittedly being in a full studio can be a little intimidating so we had to let Samantha get used to the idea. 

Corwin talked her through the process and Random pitched in for moral support.

Before long Samantha had conquered the concept

And was able to relax. 

But then Smanatha became a zombie.

Corwin is being very supportive.  

 Additional images from this shoot can be seen at this link. If you would like prints or copies of this images please let me know by emailing me.