Thursday, January 1, 2015

Confidence is Contagioius

If you are over confident then you can come across as pushy and demanding. If you are not confident then you probably underestimate your product or service. Confidence affects everything you do, say and even think.

If you are finding that people avoid you and are aggressive then look at how you are approaching them. Are you aggressively looking for a sale? Pushing for them to make a decision when the customer is not ready? Then look at your sales approach. Think about how you would want sales people to approach you. And try other techniques that may be less aggressive.

If you find that you feel put on the spot to make a decision or find yourself regretting a price quote then consider why. Where you not prepared for the question? Did you feel like you would loose the client if you said "Let me work the numbers for you."? If you don't believe in yourself then you will be always be unhappy - even when you are doing what you love. If confidence is your issue, rather than your strength, then find a way to build that confidence. Maybe step back from the business, hire a manager to deal with the details, or make time to work on something that you are good at without the pressure of selling/business.

Finding the sweet spot of just enough confidence can be the jumping off point to starting a winning cycle. When you do well you feel good. When you feel good, you do well. Just watch that your confidence doesn't swing to far one way or the other. And always remember.

Confidence is contagious. So is a lack of confidence.