Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Day 1 - Working Girl

Today is a typical day for me. I drop the youngest Spawn (child) off at his bus and drive into work. Well, today is slightly different. My husband, Tim, drove me and the Spawn because my car has a flat tire that we haven't had the time to get repaired yet.

Even though the rest of the world thinks this is Tuesday, it's my Friday. (The oddity of working for a 24 hour a day establishment) I'm not allowed to say where I work, but I work in a cubicle and have rotating supervisors. It's not a bad job. The work is fairly simple once you understand what they want. It's also terribly boring so they let us listen to music. I usually listen to audio books. That way my mind has something to do while my hands do my job. 

I've always been like that. If my mind doesn't have something to focus on then I can't accomplish mundane work because my mind will create something for itself to do. 

I have some really cool work mates. They decorated with black and white printouts of all the different Doctors from Dr. Who, and a petition to make me the next Doctor, for my birthday. I already had Dr. Who fairy lights in my cubicle so it worked out pretty cool. Today I brought in my little Dalek toy so it can sit on my desk. With the theme now forming I figure I'd run with it. 

Before that my desk was pretty simple. Photos of the Spawn, a mug that reads "This is as merry as I get" and a cross stitch that I originally made for Tim which reads, "Work expands to fill the time available. 

Last week Tim bought me 2 purple containers for my rubber bands and paper clips from the 5 Below. We also picked up some fake flowers and a small basket so that I would have something "spring" for the outside cubicle wall. The office is very into decorating and I don't mind participating. It's kind of fun seeing what everyone puts up.