Monday, March 30, 2015

Day 6 - Pay it Forward

There are 2 co-workers that I am particularly close to. This fact alone is enough to confuse most people who know me. I'm not known for my friendship skills. Probably because I prefer to observe from a safe distance where I don't have to worry about feelings or others hurting me.

Despite my best efforts to hate my job and consider it just something to to do until something better comes along, I have connected with these people. For their birthday's I came up with a scheme to celebrate. I found out what they liked and left little surprises in their cubicles. Later we went to a real restaurant for lunch, rather then the company cafeteria. 

When my birthday rolled around they did the same. I appreciated every aspect of it. I've only been in one other job were my co-workers did something like that for me. I loved that job. 

Anyway, I've apparently started something. 2 of our supervisors had a birthday this week. Because the birthdays were only a day apart my co-workers took my original concept and ran with it. They didn't know what would be good to decorate their cubicle's with so they came up with bringing in cupcakes instead. It was fun to watch them plan it out. The instigator in is thrilled that I've started something good that will continue to move forward. 

And the look on the supervisors face at the meeting when they brought them out was simply precious. Just wait until they see what I have planned for Easter. LOL