Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Day 7 Adopt a Spawn

I refer to my children as "Spawn." This started years ago when my oldest, Corwin, was 12 and going away to sleep away camp. The camp wanted a safeword in case of emergencies. Something that a person could say that would let them know that we had authorized this person to pick up our child in our absence. We chose the word "Spawn."

After camp we started referring to both of the boys as Spawn. This made it useless as a safeword but it fit the boys so well. It's used both in the plural and to individually call each child. Sometimes we use the designation of "Little Spawn" (Random) or "Big Spawn" (Corwin) as necessary.

This unique naming created an amusing conversion amoung the boys friends.

"Spwan," I called from the bottom of the stairs.
"Yea?" Came the teen voice, not sure if he was in trouble or not. A perpetual state for teens.
"Did your mom just call you Spawn?" The awestruck voice of the Spawns newest friend.
"Yup." There was a distinct note of pride in his voice.
"I want to be a Spawn!" The friend announced.

This exchange gave birth to the "Adopt-a-Spawn" concept. The kids think it's cool and their friends seem to adore being included. Even Corwin's girlfriend Samantha (Sam) has taken on the endearment. Although I try not to think to much about the fact that I'm calling my son's girlfriend 'Spawn'.

Just to be clear my children are actually named Corwin and Random. Do you know which book series inspired them? Let me know in the comments.