Friday, April 3, 2015

Day 10 - Stations of the Cross

A friend needed a ride. She wanted to go to Stations of the Cross. I told her I would take her thinking I was taking her to a Catholic mass. I'd seen the statutes at Sts. Peter and Paul, and seen the stained glass windows at St. Joseph's. I assumed it would be an interesting religious ceremony. I'm not Catholic - I don't claim to be anything in particular but I enjoy studying the various religions and seeing how much they are similar to each other.

Turns out I was wrong. This was a school production of sorts. My friend's daughter was in the choir. I was impressed with the level of professionalism that the play had. It was easy to forget that these children were not professional actors and that this was not a high budget production. The Stations of the Cross are the various points of relevance in Jesus's life from his conviction until his rise on Easter morning.

It was very emotional and touching. The choir had a slightly haunting tone when they sang in complete darkness. The actors were believable and I could feel their dedication to the work. For me - the girl that doesn't even cry when Old Yeller dies - this is saying something. I was extremely impressed.