Saturday, April 4, 2015

Day 11 The Return of Friday Night

Friday night is "Get together" night. It started last year when a friend decided to invite everyone over for a casual dinner. It quickly transformed into a weekly potluck event with a rotating cast of characters. During the summer the guys would man the grill while the kids ran amok in the yard. As it got colder the kids were sent to the "Green Room" (a large family room that is painted green) to play, while the adults chatted in the dining and and living rooms.

Because Barb and Dustin have the smallest children they often hosted. This way the children could be put to bed at bedtime, but the adults could stay up and talk. Often about topics that we didn't want the kids to accidentally overhear. We've had some interesting discussions in those quiet gatherings after the children were asleep.

With the harsh winter, the dinners had to be suspended. The obnoxious amount of snow made their driveway impassible. We had a few dinners at other people's houses but it just wasn't the same.

Last night we were finally able to rekindle the weekly get together. Barb made a fabulous Guiness Stew and served it in rice bowls. I loved this because it kept me from over eating (which I would have easily done). I admire Barb. The woman can seriously cook. In addition to the stew, we had homemade bread and chocolate cheesecake.

Sue and Dave brought a green salad, which had a lot of different vegetables in it. They make some really good salads so they often bring that. Sasha brought drinks. Her and her husband, Levi, always bring something different. Levi wasn't feeling well though so he didn't come this week. We usually bring a homemade fruit salad but we didn't this time. Instead we brought Kinder Eggs.

Kinder Eggs are a chocolate hollow egg with a small capsule in the center. The capsule contains a toy. I used to get them when I lived in Europe as a child. The kids loved them. Izzy and her sister Cordelia got fairy figures in their eggs. Their brother, Gabriel, found a super hero in his. Random ended up with a toy car, shaped like a shark.

It was a nice, quiet night and I enjoyed having the time to sit with friends again. Next week we are going to Sasha and Levi's to celebrate Buddha's birthday. It should be interesting to see what that is like.