Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Day 14 Normal Day

It was a fairly typical Monday. I got up, dressed and went to work. It wasn't very exciting. I stopped by Panera to get a smoothie on my way to my cubicle. I seem to have a thing for smoothies at the moment.

The way my office works is that someone else has to do their job, and then my department checks to see if they did it right. This means that there is a lot of waiting until the other person is finished. Often we have several different sections to review so we aren't twiddling our thumbs while we wait. 

Today I busied myself by shredding several boxes of finished things while I waited for my work to arrive. It was also my turn to go pick up some of the work. I don't mind doing the pick ups. It's a lot of walking and gets me out of the office. Today's adventure was finding the work in the middle of a construction area - since they are remodeling sections of the building and that section is where I have to go get the work. 

Once that adventure was settled it was back to the office to do my work. At some point I realized that I forgot my water bottle at home. I try to have a water bottle at the office so that I can mix up some lemonade or other drink using a powdered drink mix. I've never been much of a water drinker so this encourages me to stay hydrated. I texted Tim about my "Mommy Brain" moment and he offered to drop a bottle by on his way to the get the Spawn from after school. He's pretty cool like that.

At the end of the day there was dinner while watching Netflix (no I'm not Mother of the Year - we watch TV with dinner often) and then some Xbox time with Tim. He bought the new Diablo game and, after 20 plus years, is still trying to convince me that I enjoy playing on the Xbox. Truth is there are some games that aren't so bad. As long as they don't kill me every 2 seconds and the maneuvers don't involve tying my fingers into a knot. 

After that it's bed. No not for anything fun - for sleeping - or what a menopausal woman who is prone to nightmares considers "sleeping".