Friday, April 10, 2015

Day 17 Photos, Dances and Bowling

Today I was able to do a fabulous photo shoot with a client. She is updating her website and needed several photos. We had so much fun reviewing her outfits, talking about posing and, of course, getting some fantastic images. It was exactly the kind of fun and relaxed day that I needed.

After the shoot we reviewed the images to choose the best ones. That was hysterical as well. Laughing at the bloopers and oohing over the fabulous ones. I have to finish up the editing so that I can deliver the final images. I'm looking forward to using my creativity on some of them.

Random had his first school dance this afternoon. I couldn't take him because of the my shoot but Tim did. I wish he had gotten a picture, but men don't usually think of things like that. He did send me a picture later but it was of Random eating. Tim dropped Random off and we met for dinner before I went to pick up Sam for bowling.

Samantha is in sign language classes and found out about a deaf bowling league that is open to pacers, people who play along with the teams but aren't committed to bowl every week. It's a great chance to practice our signing, which I sorely need.

Unfortunately, it was playoffs. So we couldn't play with the league. Instead we played a few games on our own and then went over to cheer on Sam's friends in the league. I met some really great people and was able to get my name on the email list for next season's league announcements. I think I may actually join the league rather than pace it. The only downside is that it's an hour drive to the bowling alley.

Maybe if I can get Tim to join to...