Sunday, April 12, 2015

Day 19 Buddha's Birthday

Apparently, one of my friends is a Buddhist. I didn't know this. Buddha's birthday was on Wednesday so he decided to host the weekly potluck at his place. He asked us to bring a veggie platter. We aren't fans of the prepackaged veggie platters so Tim purchased some fresh vegetables and cut them up. We also brought Hummus and a few dips.

The "party" was actually a fairly subdued thing. Probably because of my inability to stay awake. We sat on the floor at small table and had a variety of vegetarian dishes. It was a first for me. There were Thai spring rolls that Sasha and Levi made, an Asian salad that Barb had brought previously to Chinese New Year night, fried Tofu (that was a first) and Green Tea.

We ate and talked. I snoozed leaning on my husband, until he laid on the floor with his knees up and his head in my lap. At that point Izzy decided that he was going to sleep and put her blanket over him to tuck him in. She then decided that she was going to battle him over putting his legs down so that he could sleep.

It was cute watching her lay her whole body on one leg until he lowered it before moving to the other one. Of course, as soon as she managed to get the second leg down, Tim would raise the first one and she would have to start all over again. She would give him a disapproving look before lying on the first leg again. I had to smile. After a while she gave up and went back into the other room with her siblings and my Spawn.

Sasha and Levi gifted us with the pillows we had sat on for dinner. Tim and I received the dark, chocolate colored pillows with off white trim. They match our decor really well. I think I'll keep them in the living room.