Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Day 22 Tired

Tim left for another business trip. Las Vegas this time.  It's not so bad since Random is on spring break. And is a short trip. He'll be home on Thursday. 

Work was uneventful but a bit lonely. One of my cohorts has Monday - Tuesday off. The other is on vacation. At lunch I noticed that a book I pre-ordered had been downloaded to my Kindle app. So I read through it. 

After work I checked on Random and headed for a dinner.  I didn't really feel up to going but I had promised to deliver some images to people who would be there. I ordered just soup and planned on leaving early. The waitress thwarted my plans by continually forgetting to bring my bill.

I was one of the last ones to receive my check.  At least the day was over.  I'm looking forward to Wednesday. No responsibilities,  no where to be,  and no reason to get up early.  I may finally be able to relax some.

Hot bath, lavender smelling salts and my Kindle. Now that I'm looking forward to.

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