Thursday, April 16, 2015

Day 23 Rest and Relaxation

I finally slept in. And when I woke up,  I didn't have to get up. Instead I curled up under my covers and read the book I bought. I stayed there until lunch.

It's a good book so for lunch I sliced up Colby Jack cheese and Triscuits. I then took say on the couch and read some more.

Needing a break from reading I started a solo game of Diablo. I don't usually like playing these sort of games by myself. I don't take getting killed well.

Sam, who stalks my blog, (hi Sam!), sent me text asking if I needed some chat time. She's a sweet heart. I told her no. Today was for me.

I also went running. Not my brightest idea since I haven't managed to get to the gym since I got this job. I didn't last long but I did get out for a bit.

I lived in my yoga pants and a tee shirt. The only "work" I did was the dishes and review wardrobe choices of a new model that's coming on Saturday.

Random's friend, Vinny, came over to stay the night. We ordered pizza and they played quietly until bed time.

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