Friday, April 17, 2015

Day 24 Stamp Camp

It was a busy day. I had Izzy for a few hours and we ran errands. She is such a cute little thing.

After dropping her off I spent some time Corwin.  I hadn't planned on playing Diablo with him,  but I couldn't find an NPC and it was making me crazy in my solo game. He offered to help using his higher level character. It was nice to get to chat with him.

Corwin works nights so I don't see much of him anymore. The downside of having an adult child. They have their own lives. I try to respect privacy,  knowing that I raised him to respect people and make good choices. Now I have to trust that he will remember those lessons and ask for help when he needs it.

In the evening I had stamp camp. Stamp camp is run by a woman named Rose. She sets up all the stuff for us to make 5 cards. It's always a good time. We chat about everything and spend time relaxing with our projects. My cards always turn different from the example. Probably because I don't use the directions.

Rose is great. She spends a great deal of time planning the cards and cutting out the basics for us.  We then use her Big Shot to cut out the specific shapes or to emboss the backgrounds. She takes it in stride that I do my own thing. She really is awesome.

Sometimes I take a buddy to camp,  other times I go alone.  Either way is a once a month escape from my life.

Tim was back from Las Vegas when I got home. We ate dinner and spent some time together.  I like having him home.