Saturday, April 18, 2015

Day 25 The Honeymoon is over

Today was not pleasant. Several things have changed at work since Charlie left. The biggest is an assignment that used to take 2 or sometimes 3 people is now being done one. I'm that one person. Unfortunately, I'm also still required to do all my other tasks. It's frustrating because I can't come in early to finish up my work. If I ask for overtime then I have to work a task that is completely unrelated to my workload - even though they know my workload takes more time.

Needless to say I didn't finish my work. I ended up setting up an appointment with the employee rights department to see what I can do, not only about this but also about the interview that I did. I'm tired of being pushed aside in favor of who? A relative that doesn't even know how to turn the computer on? A 20 something that functions better on her back and sitting upright? I'm good at what I do. Why can't I get a position based on my skills?


On the upside it was potluck night. We had a great dinner of cheddar brats in a "beer blanket". Which is a little like toad in a hole but instead of Yorkshire Pudding and sausages it's made with bread bread and bratwurst. Sue and Dave brought a fruit salad and Tim and I brought a green salad. Tim held my hand as we all sat and talked. I liked that. We made it a short visit and were home by 8:30. Tomorrow will be busy and I have to be at work at 7:30. AM.