Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Day 28 Ingress - New Portals!

Today was only a little better then yesterday. I worked on my backlog until my work for that day was ready. It was another heavy load and eventually one of the supervisors took the rest of yesterday's work to finish it. I just couldn't get to it.

I was surprised when one of my cohorts, who I thought was on vacation, turned up at my cubicle. It was a pleasant surprise. We had lunch together and chatted about everything. While we were at lunch someone started to attack my portal. We finished lunch a bit early so that I could go get it back.

The portal is part of Ingress. Part scavenger hunt and part capture the flag the object is to capture as many portals for your team as possible and link them to other portals. There are two factions. The Enlightenment (green - Frogs) and the Resistance (blue - Smurfs). I'm blue.

The portals can be anything from historical buildings, to monuments, to sculptures. And the portals are everywhere. 10 new portals showed up last night at my work. There are major events where a lot of Ingressers get together to take over an entire city (make it their factions color) or to create specific patterns using the portals (like a dot to dot drawing). There are also Anomolys. These are events specific to the storyline. There is an entire backstory about how XM is leaking into the planet and it's concentrated at the portals. Both factions want to control the XM. They do this by linking the portals to each other and creating fields. Everything geographically in the field is controlled by the faction that has it. If the other team has control of a portal then you can attack the portal until it's neutral, then take it for your team.

For more on the backstory check out the Ingress Reports. They are a series of "news" reports done by the creators of Ingress to update everyone on the progress of the storyline.

The great thing about this is that you have to be physically at the portal to take it. So it requires a lot of walking. I've walked 89 KM so far, according to my stats, but it doesn't feel like "exercise". To join in you just need a scanner - which you download to your smart phone or other data enabled device. If you need an invite then email me and I will send you one. Then you set up your account and off you go.

At the end of the day I received a curious phone call. It was from a recruiter. He had some questions and I had some for him. He said he would get the answers and give me a call back in the morning. This could be promising.

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