Monday, April 20, 2015

Day 27 Work Overload

Today was a nightmare.  Literally. Like most nightmares it started off innocent enough. I was asked to come in early to cover an event. I had only done it once before but it was supposed to simple.

I checked with some of the other staff there to figure out what to do. Mostly I followed the supervisor,  since part of my job was verifying her numbers. She bounced from person to person in no particular order. When another customer walked up and asked me to jump to get next,  I looked tothe supervisorfor guidance. She sodthere likeshe didn'tspeak English so I obliged the customer, not realizing the action would upset others.

When I got to them they asked who to complain to. I told them. I think that shocked them. Later the event director told me to go in order. After that the supervisor told me that it wasn't her place to say anything but that I needed to go in order. After the next round the supervisor stated in the middle of the row and jumped around from person to person again. Wasn't that what she just said we weren't supposed to do?

The event ended at noon and I went upstairs to do my actual work. Usually i started at10 and I still had yesterday's work to finish. I quickly realized that I was in trouble. My work load had doubled. Not that I had been assigned more work,  just the one task had gone from a 4 to 6 hour project,  to needing at least 8 and probably more.

I dug in knowing that the previous day was going to have wait. I wondered for a moment if I would be in trouble again for my work being completed two days late. But I dismissed it. How could I be to blame for their false to have enough staff?  Oh I'm not stupid. Of course it would be my fault. Aren't all minimum wage employees expendable?  At least that's what I was told in a previous job. It didn't matter that the assignments were not physically possible to do, either I did them or they threatened to fire me. Here I was again.

At lunch, which was cut sorry because everyone else was behind too, I told the supervisor how far behind I was. She asked one person to help and another coworker offered finish yesterday's task. I was seriously grateful. Some days I love my coworkers.

To be honest is not the supervisors fault. They can only assign the tasks.  It falls to those above them to make sure we have enough people, which we don't.  Good thing the CEO doesn't work on weekends or want accurate reports. Because I've seen my task list for tomorrow and I'm pretty sure I'm not going to be able to catch up.