Friday, April 24, 2015

Day 31 - Kids at Work

Today is "Take your child to work" day. I had forgotten. The Spawn wouldn't have wanted to come anyway. They were having a bake sale at his school - that is always more interesting then doing busy work.

One coworker brought her daughter. Another brought his son. The kids were really cute. We set her up an empty cubicle and let her "work" with us. Her mom and I gave her little projects, like sorting the work in numerical order, and counting various pieces of paperwork that needed to be inventoried. The to of them went from cubicle to cubicle emptying everyone's "shred box" into the large trash can style container that gets taken to a commercial shredder. By the end of the day she had drawn a picture for most of the coworkers. 

I made them each a "cubicle tag" with their name on it, using a large sticky note and a push pin. Some departments made the kids a "badge" but we just let the kids wear their parents badge. It was cute how the little boy, who wore a suit, kept stopping by to "check on" the little girl. They seemed to really enjoy themselves. 

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