Thursday, April 30, 2015

Day 37 Scented Razors

I went shopping today. I go every week but this week I realized that I was out of razors. So when I got to the store I was specifically looking for razors.

I haven't been shopping for one in a while and had no idea how these simple shaving devices had become on of the most complicated things around.

As I browsed the aisles I first noticed that I had the choice of disposable or refillable. Refillable sounds like a great idea until I noticed that the refills were $25 and the package of disposable was $8 to $14. Disposable was definitely the to go.

I thought I found one I would like. But on closet inspection I noticed it was scented.  Not the blades or any other point that might leave a scent on me,  but the handle. Why? What is the point?

I put the package back and continued looking.  It took another 20 minutes,  but I finally managed to find a non scented razor. That should not have been that hard.

With all of the other things us woman use in the bath that are scented why would we want an additional smell?  Sure it's good to smell clean,  and some women have a particular shampoo or soap that they use because they like the scent on their hair or skin. But on the razor?  Maybe if they had more than two options so that the available options didn't openly clash with the scent of my shampoo or soap then I would feel differently but scented razors just seems pointless.

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