Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Day 8 Goodbye and Hello

Today Charlie retired. Well actually he retires on Thursday but since I don't work on Thursday, Tuesday is the last day that I get to see him. Charlie is a fun character. An older man with white hair and a friendly demeanor. I will never forget the first time he talked to me. He had walked up to my cubicle where I sat, determined to not be social.

"Lunch is at 1." He said sternly.
I raised my eyebrows at him. "OK." My boss nor my training supervisor had said anything about a set lunch hour.
Unable to contain his serious expression any longer he broke into a heart warming grin. His happiness over having a lunch date was too infectious and I ended up matching his smile.

Over the last several months the man and I have had quite a few lunches together. I'll miss him and his antics.

We are also getting a new neighbor on our floor. The floor I work on houses several departments separated only by cubicle walls. I don't know for sure who is moving in but I saw the trolley with various equipment sitting outside the door to the office. Whoever it is I hope they are friendly. I wonder if they will be sharing the printer/fax room with my department...

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