Saturday, May 2, 2015

Day 39 - The Beginning of the End

Today was the start of my last full week in my current position. It was bittersweet. William is plotting something. I'm not one for big goodbyes, preferring to fade away quietly, but he's not going to let me go quietly.

I started packing up my cubicle. I'll miss being able to be openly quirky with my TARDIS fairy lights and buttons that warn about my lack of tact. But I'll still be able to have the pictures of the Spawn on my desk once I get some 5X7 frames. I'm sure I'll find other ways to subtly decorate the space to reflect my personality without upsetting my new boss.

The schedule for the week I start my new job came out. It was weird seeing it without my name at the bottom. I knew it wasn't going to be there, but seeing it blank really drove home the reality that I'm leaving. I'm going to miss this job. I know that where I'm going will be better for me, more suited to what I do, but I will miss the silliness I was able to inflict on my coworkers here.

Eventually, I will be able to bring some of the silliness to my new position but that will have to wait until I can make my boss comfortable with my ability to know where the line is.