Monday, May 4, 2015

Day 41 Steak and Potatoes

Work was the same. Not has busy as I had expected. With all the planned events I expected more work. Surprisingly,  I struggled to get it done. Partially because of some incorrect paperwork that I was given but mostly because I was just tired.

Tim was sweet to me tonight. He grilled steaks and made baked potatoes. It felt like we finally had a real meal for the first time in ages. It's not like we don't eat well. It's usually something last minute though,  like pasta or mac and cheese.

I could tell he put some thought and effort into this meal. It was nice. When I was on unemployment I would plan the meals carefully out of necessity.  Once I started working again I just didn't have time make anything nice so we went for quick.
One of the many reasons why I love him. 

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