Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Day 43 My Last Friday

The odd part about having days of in the middle of the week is that the company still runs on a Monday to Friday schedule.  So even though my weekend starts on Wednesday I will work 2 days into my next week before the transition to the new job.

Being that it was my Friday,  I finished packing up. There was a surprising amount of stuff in my cubicle. I hadn't realized I'd moved in so thoroughly.  Thankfully I had brought a large bag.

It's one I made years ago. When I first made it I asked Random to hold it so I could take a picture. He got in the bag instead.  I'm sure if that illustrates how anal he was,  or how big the bag is.  He's 6 or 7 in that picture. 

The day ended with Mexican night. I put out all the standard makings for tacos and everyone does their own thing. And watching New Moon. I hadn't seen it so it was something different. Poor Tim had to endure me pointing out all the differences between the book and the movie.

Despite my irritation of seeing another awful book turned movie adaptation,  it was a nice,  quiet night.

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