Thursday, May 7, 2015

Day 44 Shooting Sam

I decided to spend some time with Sam today. After a surprise lunch with Tim I went to Sam's. I chatted with her mum, Kate, for a while. She's a nice woman. We chatted about where we lived in Germany. I hadn't realized she'd been there too. I guess I should have. 1/2 the military seems to get stationed there at some point or another.

Sam and I wondered around Mystic just shooting on a whim. She's so active that I loved capturing the quiet moments. We also stopped by the Blue Squid and had cupcakes. We ended up talking and loosing track of time until I had to pick up Random from school. I gave her the option of dropping her off or going with. She came with.

We had some insightful conversations about Corwin, and I told her some stories about when Tim and I were dating. I showed her some of Corwin's baby photos that I had uploaded to Facebook. She shared some images of her family from her ipod. Eventuallly, we were back around to photo shoot ideas and I realized that I never had her try on the outfits that I have stored away.

We went to the house and she did a mini fashion show in the clothes while Tim grumbled good-naturedly about how he was starving. It was very inspiring. I have so many more ideas now. I just need to find the time to coordinate the plan.

After trying on the outfits and shoes we all headed out to dinner. We went to Chili's because it's near the grocery store and I hadn't had a chance to mark that chore off my list yet. After dinner the Spawn went to Gamestop to browse while Tim and I shopped. It didn't take long. The day went well.