Friday, May 8, 2015

Day 45 Adventures in Car Repair

Why does getting the car worked on always seem like a dreaded event? I hate having to take the car in. Even for just an oil change. They always find something that will cost me more that "has to be fixed."

Last time I took it in for an oil change and found out that 2 of the tires were punctured. This time the check engine light was on. It turned out that the car needed a software update - the concept that a car runs on software is a whole different issue - but they also found that the brakes needed to be replaced.

Not knowing how long I would be stranded at the dealership I brought my laptop and set myself into the very small cubicle that they called a "Business Center." The room was glass on 3 slides with a sliding door that took up an entire wall. If I had laid down I think I would been able to touch all four walls. The placement of the room split the space between the service waiting area and the showroom floor. On the only solid wall there were two floating desk spaces with a printer on a third shelf between them. Each desk had a fairly comfortable bar stool height chair. This meant that I had to jump into the chair - which was booby trapped by being on casters.

Once in the chair I couldn't touch the floor so I had to use the desk to push or pull the chair so I could reach. The things I do for WiFi access.

I worked on my book a little but I just couldn't concentrate. I had left the door open because I was already too hot and wasn't sure if the room had it's own ventilation. After about half an hour I finally gave up on doing anything productive and went out to a sitting area where a mother and her 10 month old were waiting on their own car.

The baby was adorable and I worked on my social skills by starting a conversation. I really just wanted to hold the baby but I knew better than to ask. People think your a bit strange when you randomly walk up and ask to hold their kid. We chatted for a while and after she left I played on my phone. Eventually my name was called and my car was done.

The rest of the day was pretty calm. Well until I decided to make pork and mushroom dumpling type things.

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