Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Day 49 The First Day

The first day was a bit hectic.  Tim needed to go in early so I didn't get to take my time getting ready.

I made it a few minutes early and met some of my coworkers. Everyone seems pretty nice. The two people who have been covering my job are training my.

So far the job is pretty straight forward. The last person was really good and left a lot of templates. It's making my transition so much easier.

Lunch was light because I didn't have time to really pack one. So I had an orange and some granola. I really need to figure something out about lunch.

After lunch I was left to work on settling in. Putting up the pictures of the Spawn and finding a place for my quirky stuff. I taped my Dr. Who photos to the inside of a bookshelf. 

My next project is to clean out the desk drawers and find out what to do with the stuff that is out dated or that I just don't need (like the 3 additional staple removers) I'm looking forward to going back.

After dinner William and James came by and we all went out to dinner. It was a lot of fun. We talked and celebrated our new jobs. James recently changed jobs to something better as well. So we both had something to celebrate.

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