Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Day 50 Shadowing

Work is going really well. I managed a few small things on my own and some of my coworkers are already asking for my input on other things. I'm excited that they accepted me so readily. So far the work has been simple. I expect that the work won't really get harder as much as it will increase in volume.

I'm partly set up now. I spent a few minutes attacking the desk with Lysol wipes and finally got the images of the Spawn up. I still have some files to create but the previous person left the desk drawers full of stuff and I'm not sure what to pitch and what to keep. My supervisor said she'll go through it later. Once that's done I can set up my files and finish getting organized.

At lunch I had to schedule some appointments with Random's school. I will have to coordinate some time off for those meetings which I'm not looking forward to. I like work but my kids come first. (OK second - my husband comes first)

After lunch I went to the other building and listened in on customer service calls so that I can understand what they do. It was interesting but I'm glad that I'm not doing that. On one call I had to hold my breath to keep from laughing at the absurd questions the women was asking. Customer Service people have to have a lot of patience. 

I'm excited for another day to start. At this point work is what is keeping sane. 

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