Friday, May 15, 2015

Day 52 Doing Well So Far

I'm finally getting a handle on the job. I spent most of the day without my trainer, which I"m pretty proud of. It means that she's comfortable enough to leave me to do my work by myself. I spent my lunch time (we get 30 minutes so it seems silly to call it a lunch "hour") reading a book. I find that I'm eating a lot less food now that I have to pack my lunch.

I haven't braved getting on the scale to see if it's actually helping or not. My legs, however, are not happy to realize that we are walking everyday. Not the slightest bit happy. Oh well. They will get used to it. It's sort of odd because my previous job had me walking almost 3 miles so I would think that my legs would be fine with it. Curious.

The hardest part is finding somewhere to eat. I could go outside but the outdoor chairs are all still caked in dirt from the winter. There's an eating area in the other building but I just want to read and don't really feel up to being social. My other option is a small conference room in my building. But I would have to walk through someone else's office to get to it. It just seems like I'm intruding. Maybe I'll walk home and eat there. I'll figure it out eventually.

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