Friday, May 15, 2015

Day 53 It's Really Friday

It's really Friday. My first Friday that was actually a Friday. Only a person who has worked weekends can appreciate the joy I felt at realizing this fact. Previously, Friday was actually Monday. To add to my joy we have "Casual Friday". Since I sit in reception I didn't want to dress down to far, but it was nice to not have to dress up.

I decided on my brown pants. They're sort of like Khaki's but a deep, rich brown color. I paired that with a sleeveless, dark purple blouse. Not "business" but classy. I had no idea what shoes I would wear so I went with my purple and blue sequin flats. The kind of shoes the Middle Eastern girls wear. Tim bought them for me at a craft fair. He has developed a thing for shoes.

I decided on wearing my glasses today. I've been wearing them a lot lately. It's allergy season so my contacts haven't been real cooperative lately. My glasses are really nice since we splurged and purchased the Transition lenses. The lenses darken automatically in response to sunlight which means I can actually see. My eyes are a lot like me skin - anti-sunlight. Since I was dressing down anyway I only applied my sunscreen and tinted, SPF 20, moisturizer. No actual make up. After walking the short distance to work I realized my mistake.

I looked like I had been sitting in the sun for hours. Not my smartest move. Oh well. I kept busy with several meetings today. My supervisor wanted to review what I had learned and see what I was up to. She pretty much knew everything that was going on already but it was nice that she wanted to check in with me. My other meeting was with one of the women in my department. She had some specialized work for me to do and wanted to go over it with me.

We decided to put an "in box" in that building for me so that no one had to keep going from building to building. Now they'll put my work there and I can check for it a couple times a day, rather than me going from cubicle to cubicle trying to find stuff. I kept busy with several projects and got so into my work that I forgot to take my break. I'll have to work on that.

I did manage to find some time to start going through the old folders the previous person left. Some of them are practical. Other's not so much. I gave some of the folders to other people, people who would know what they were. It also freed up some much needed drawer space in my desk so that I could finally start organizing my filing system.

Some of my computer access started to come through, so next week I'll be able to do several of my projects without asking someone to log me in. MIS has also mentioned upgrading my computer, so it's a good thing that I haven't had a chance to really personalize it yet.

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