Monday, May 18, 2015

Day 55 The Problem with Politics

I had a client who wanted outdoor photos. We walked from the studio to the pow-wow grounds because I like to use the natural wooded setting that surrounds the grounds. On the way back I noticed that plaques had been placed at the base of the Veteran Poles.

There is a tradition of each family line raising a flag on one of the poles in honor of a Veteran. For the ceremony a military member (past or current) is stationed at each pole with the family who asked for their veteran to be honored. Not all of the families will have a Veteran for that ceremony so the poles are assigned differently during each ceremony. Being a military brat I can appreciate the honor and sacrifice the military members and their families go through. The ceremony is usually very emotional - when it's not abused by honoring people who were never Veterans and openly tried to divide the tribe.

I wondered over to a few of the plaques to see which Veterans where being honored. Since I was with clients I didn't take the time to check all of them and I kept my mouth shut about my opinions. (Not something I do well) I was surprised to see that most of the plaques were from only one family line. A few of the plaques seemed to have names of non-Veterans. Our family line, as far as I know, never received an invite to submit a plaque. Once again the "ruling class" is trying to rewrite history by trying to erase the others or at least make them unimportant.

While the poles were never officially assigned to the different family lines that make up the tribe, over the course of the many ceremonies each line has come to know where their honoring pole is. I don't know whose name is honored at the bottom of my family line's pole - but I'm pretty sure it's not a someone from our line.

After thinking about it I don't know if I should be angry at, or feel sorry for, the family line that is so insecure that they feel the need to put their name on everything. A family line that is so scared of, something, that they resort to these type of tactics to try to make themselves seem more important.

A tribe divided is a tribe that will fail. I would think that they would have learned this by now. But money and power are all that some people seek. And if they have to run the tribe into the ground to do then they will.


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