Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Day 57 Rain!

It rained. Not just a simple, quiet, gentle rain. It poured.

I had an early morning meeting at Random's school. I rode with Tim as he drove. The meeting went well but it ran late so Tim dropped me off at work. At the time I failed to realize two important things. First, I didn't go home as planned and then walk to work, so my lunch was still at home. Second, because I didn't walk to work I hadn't thought to grab an umbrella.

Usually I don't mind the rain. The crisp scent in the air after a good rain is actually one of my favorites. Everything smells so clean and fresh. When I have to walk from building to building and get my work - the rain because a lot less romantic and a lot more frustrating.

I managed to time most of my excursions so that I missed the heaviest of the downpour. Not everyone that came to visit me was that lucky. A few people were completely drenched and really felt bad for them. Work was quiet and I finished reading another book during my lunch. Thankfully, I never got around to eating my yogurt the day before so it was still in the communal fridge.

I was lucky again at the end of the day. The rain seemed to have stopped so the walk home wasn't that bad. Tim needed to get some stuff to prep for his adventure this coming weekend so we went to Chili's for dinner. During dinner, one of Random's teachers called. She is a nice woman and told me about something that I will wait and share next week when it happens. I'm so excited about it.

The food was OK. I think I'm getting bored with it as we usually go there a couple of times a month since it's close to the grocery store. Shea, the waitress, was really cool. She had a happy personality that showed she really wanted to be there. Most waitress develop a "work happy" demeanor. But Shea was truly happy. I really liked her.

After dinner we went to CVS and picked up the stuff Tim needed and headed back home. After finding a new book to download (how did I ever live without a Kindle app?) I read a few chapters and then fell asleep snuggled in Tim's arms.

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