Friday, May 22, 2015

Day 59 Visits with Past

I had several projects in morning that kept me busy until lunch. I also got to watch the HIPPA movie again. I know it's required but it's so dry and boring that it was hard to pay attention. After the movie I rewarded myself with some lunch in the small conference room, where I hid and read my book. After lunch it was pretty quiet. Having gotten most of my work done I didn't have that much to work on. I kept busy with one of the long term projects that I have until the end of the day. 

After work I went home. We were supposed to be going to a meet up with some of my co-workers from my previous job, but Tim had asked Barb to stop by and drop off the shirts she made for him and Random. Barb had offered to make new Renaissance Faire shirts for them since they will be working the event. 

I can sew but Barb has a real knack for it and really enjoys it. She made them each 2 shirts and is making Tim a leather vest to go with his new kilt. The vest wasn't quite ready because leather and sewing machines don't always play nicely together. 

The get together was at a local bar called Brookside. We left a lot later than I would have liked because Tim was sucked into Facebook after Barb left. We arrived a little after 6:30 but we weren't to late. Only a handful of people where there already. As the rest of my old work mates arrived we moved to a large bar height table and chatted about different things going on at work. 

The get together was to celebrate one of the supervisors upcoming wedding. It wasn't really a bachlorette party because she will do that with her bridesmaids and her fiancee was there. Several of the others brought there spouse's and the conversation turned to the upcoming wedding and the somewhat amusing problem of who will do the work if the whole office is at the wedding. 

I left after the first round of drinks. I needed to disengage. I was happy for the couple and will miss my cohorts, who I will try to keep in touch with. But I felt like an outsider looking in. It wasn't anything they did. It's more my own issue with attachments. 

After the bar, Tim and I went to 99 in Norwich for dinner. It was trivia night, which we didn't realize until we arrived. We sat in the dining room and had a sweet waiter named Jared. He had long hair black hair that was pulled up at the back of his head and almost full sleeve tattoos. I was very fascinated by him and I meant to leave him a card to see if he was interested in modeling. But I forgot to. 

I had intended to finish up the images from last weekend when I got home, but I was so tired that I just crashed. It was a long day. 

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