Sunday, May 24, 2015

Day 61 Stamps and Minions

Today was relaxing. Tim and Random went to the Renaissance Faire to work. They are campground out all weekend. It means I get the house to myself, mostly. Corwin is here but since he works nights he sleeps for most of the day.
Rose, my stamp camp host, was having her annual customer appreciation event. These are really cool. She sets up a couple of quick crafts that we can do that use the new colors or paper. We also play games and have the option of purchasing older items at a discount. At the end we all get a catalog and a gift.

Rose goes out of her way to make several cute items to give us. This year it was a cute magnet, a small coveted notebook some covered chocolates and a cute card with with little pearls that we can use in our own crafting.

After that I was going to get a pedicure but I got sidetracked by needing to take out some green fields. (Ingress) I didn't quite have enough fire power but I did manage to bring down their shields. Content with the damage I had caused I finally made it over to the Nail Spa II.

I don't know why they call it II, but I love this place. For $30 you get a pedicure  with leg massage and hot wax treatment, and a hot stone upper back massage. I did discover that I go there to often when Ivy, the technician, asked about my missing husband. We usually go together so that he can get his feet rubbed.

From their I was of to do more mundane things,  like get groceries. I thought it would be miserable to shop on a holiday weekend but it wasn't  bad. It was crowded. Since I didn't have anywhere to be it didn't bother me nearly as much as it could have. I just wondered through the aisles trying to remember what was on the list. I did pretty good, only forgot one thing.

When I got home I decided I was in a baking mood and made Minions. Well,  they're cookies that are stamped to look like Minions. I bought them on impulse because,  well because I wanted to.  Who doesn't want a Minion?