Monday, May 25, 2015

Day 62 Idle Hands

Today was just weird. I had wanted to sew but the table is a clutter of papers that I don't know if Tim wants to keep them or not. Since he didn't clean off the table like I asked my choice is to just leave it and find another project or risk loosing something important by throwing it all in a box for him to sort through later.

Regardless of the number of votes for the later from those who think I should stand up for myself, I know from experience that this just leads to boxes of unsorted papers piled all over my bedroom.The reason is because later never comes. Without a deadline, and 1/2 the time even with one, things just don't get done.

I ended up baking. Or what passes for baking. I mixed milk with Jello pudding packets and poured it into pre-made graham cracker pie crusts. The result is that I "made" banana cream and coconut cream pies to go with the minion cookies that I made on Saturday.

After that I had surprise visit from my brother in law. He and his wife have chickens and I guess they are producing enough eggs to share since he dropped off a box os 18 eggs. While I appreciate the thought it seemed sort of odd. It takes us a month to find uses for a single dozen because of Tim's allergy.

The rest of the day consisted of a long bath and playing time waster games while I watched TV. After a while I really felt like I should be doing something so I tackled the dishes and did some other cleaning.

Tim called in the evening to say that he was on his way home but hadn't had dinner yet. We agreed to meet at Engine 6 because I was craving Taco pizza and it's the only place where they put the lettuce and tomato on after the pizza is cooked. I really don't like soggy lettuce. Dinner was quiet. After dinner I stopped to hit some portals on the way home.

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