Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Day 65 A Good School is Everything

Some days things just go well. I had the morning off from work because of a meeting with Random's teachers. Raising a special needs child can be complicated. The meetings went a lot better then I had expected and I'm hoping that he will continue to progress.

I really do love his school. They are very focused on the kids and helping them learn. We have our moments where I worry about things that are going on, but there is always someone who is willing to talk the situation over with me. I can't say how much that 15 to 30 minutes of reassurance and discussion means to me.

In past schools the teachers would ignore or blow off the problems, which would do nothing to moderate my Irish temper. In several cases the teacher had blamed Random for the things that were being done to him. It's bad enough he was being bullied by the students, but when the teacher and principal jumped on the bandwagon I lost it.

Luckily those days are behind us as we can move forward. Here's to a great year and high hopes for the next one to be equally as good. It will be his last at this school as he'll graduate out. I'm trying to wait and panic about finding a good high school until sometime next winter. Let's see if I can hold out...

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