Friday, May 29, 2015

Day 66 Proud Mum

It was busy today. Tomorrow Charlie is heading out to a meeting and I had to get his presentation binders finished. I'm glad it's finally all sorted out. On the up side my regular work was pretty slow which gave me time to customize the presentation materials. That turned out to be more involved then I would have liked but it was fun to do so I didn't mind to much.

After work there was a multi cultural dinner at Random's school. It's a fundraiser for the kids and a chance for the parents to review what the kids have been working on all year. Random's grade is studying the Holocaust. They had several projects including making some of the items that the Jews used while they were in captivity.

Random made a set of bunk beds out of Popsicle sticks and a deck of cards. Historically the cards were made from matchboxes but we used some card stock that printed matchbox covers on. then Random cut out the covers and drew on the card faces.

His class voted on which projects would be displayed as part of the overall presentation of what they were learning. Random's class voted that his projects should be included. I was so excited by this that I completely forgot to take a picture. Each student had their work displayed in the classroom for parents to see, but it was an honor to have his work as part of the hallway display. I'm so proud of him.

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