Sunday, May 31, 2015

Day 68 5 Things I Learned from Making Lemon Drops

I'm learning to hate lemon drops. These started as a simple treat that Ransom could take to school for an after school group that is reading through the Harry Potter books.

The group decided that at their end of year parry they would all bring Harry Potter themed treats. Since I have the Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook it seed like an easy project. The fact that I own this cookbook should be the first clue that I am way to involved in Harry Potter.

We decided to make lemon drops because the recipe sounded easy. We just need to buy a candy thermometer, some cream of tarter and lemon extract. 2 of the 3 ingredients I could get from grocery store. With any luck they would have lemon extract too.

I was in luck, until I realized that they didn't have thermometers.  Tim suggested we head to Walmart, but I went to Joann's Fabrics. They are a craft store and candy making is a craft so...

Epic fail. No candy thermometer.So we then drove to Walmart. Where we were finally able to find a candy thermometer. Surely this will be the only hiccup in making these candies. Rigiht?

When your finished laughing I will continue.

So, Random and I start to work on these things. To make this embarrassing story mercifully short, II will skip to what I learned. 

1. When the recipe says Parchment Paper - do not substitute Wax Paper. It doesn't work.
2. When using the wrong paper, or maybe the wrong size spoon, the candy will spread like cookies rather than be "drops". This leaves you with thin, sticky dollops that are about the size of half dollar coin. 
3. When the wax paper sticks to the hard, yet always sticky candy, you can run them under warm water and scrub to get the paper off. Surprisingly this doesn't melt the candy. Do this carefully or you will get Lemon Drop splinters from the sharp edges. (If you do get a splinter just leave it. You can't see it to pull it out and if you suck on your finger long enough - it will melt.)
4. Rolling a sticky candy in loose sugar makes it not as sticky. 

5. BUYING LEMON DROPS FROM THE STORE WOULD HAVE BEEN 100% EASIER. But then my son wouldn't have a great adventure to tell his friends. 

PS we are going to the mall tomorrow to buy Lemon Drops because

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