Monday, June 1, 2015

Day 69 Shopping with my Husband

Tim decided to take me shopping. I hate shopping. I'm short, I'm round, nothing fits, the clothes are expensive... I have a long list of reasons why I detest the typically girly activity of wondering in and out of store to find clothes.

Tim, however, finds it entertaining to make me try on clothes and likes to tell me what I look good in. So, once or twice a year he takes me shopping. He just has this knack of finding things that look good on me. I don't understand it. He picks clothes that I would never ever pick, but when I try them on - they don't usually look to bad. While he's waiting for me to come out of the dressing room I can hear him complimenting or offer recommendations to other shoppers as well. Sales people love him but don't get me started on the stores he picks.

We have a new mall. It's a high end outlet place so there are a lot of stores that I wouldn't normally think of ever setting foot in. Like Micheal Kors, Coach, and other really pricey - to the point of absurd - type places. This mall caters to that type of set up because it's attached to the 3rd largest casino in the world. It opened a few weeks ago but I had no desire to go. Not only are those stores pricey but they are infamous for catering to the tiniest of builds, many to the exclusion of those of us that have hips.

Tim tricked me into walking in the Armani store by stating that he wanted to look at some shirts. There was no way that their sizes would run up to fit his 19 1/2 inch neck but I decided to humor him. It was the first store and he was determined that I would get to see the whole mall. Next thing I know he's got me trying on dresses. How did I get here.

Don't get me wrong - the dresses were gorgeous. And 3 of them fit. Give me a minute I'm still in shock over that whole statement. 3 Armani dresses fit me. ACK! I don't know if I'm more scared of this concept or excited. If the dresses fit either I'm loosing a lot more weight that my scale has been telling me or high end stores have finally figured out that women are bigger then a size 10. Turns out it was the later but I'm still in shock.

I've been needing a nice dress for when I have to accompany Tim to fancy dinners. The ones he has with clients where the only option for drinks is red or white and the place setting always has more than 3 forks. Now I have two dresses. Because it's opening week the stores have everything marked down to encourage sales and customer traffic. Because of this I was able to get 2 $300 dresses for $150. Needless to say, after the first store I was excited to see what else there was.

In the end I ended up with 2 more dresses in a 1950's circle skirt style, a black light weight jacket with cool detailing, a pencil skirt, a pair of sandals and 2 pairs of fancy shoes to wear with my new dresses. One with a high heel and one with a kitten heel. And socks. Tim has this new fascination with buying me socks. It goes with his theory that I shouldn't be barefoot, but I always forget to put on my slippers. His answer is socks. Usually he goes to 5 Below and gets me knee socks with wild patterns. I have to say I love them. I used to wear them to work under my pants just to express my personality.

It's been a good day. It will be interesting to see how tomorrow goes.

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