Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Day 71 Reading

The morning was swamped. Apparently everyone was in get it done mode yesterday because I had a stack of stuff to do. I'm not complaining, it gave me plenty to keep me occupied. For a few hours anyway. I enjoy the rush of having a lot to do, and the quiet time I get as a reward for finishing it all.

I had about an hour of respite from the morning load when I was handed a new project. Not hard but very, very, time consuming. It's going to be a several day project due to the software limitations. Not thrilled but at least I know how to do it manually. Thank goodness for old school learning.

I started reading another book. Sort of. One of the series I was reading centered around several main characters. Each book in the series focused on particular person in the group. This is one of the reasons that I loved the series. It keeps the themes and the characters that I love without having to search into an absurd plot twist or rude cliff hangers to keep the story interesting. A few of the stories were only sold as short novellas in series of similarly themed books by various authors. When I first bought them I was only interested in the reading the story that directly applied to the series I was reading at the time.

Now I'm going back and reading the other 2 stories in the book. The first story was OK but a little odd. I'm not entirely sold on the underlying concept or the author's writing style. The second one goes into left field completely, but I'm finding the story interesting. Particularly since the characters, who seem very out of place in their setting, are required to be in the setting to match the theme of the compilation. I do love the writers style so I'll easily finish the book, but the underlying theme is just not one that I can wrap my head around. The third story is the reason that I purchased the book. It's part of the actual series I was reading.

One of the things that I have come to love about the book is that each story is integrated into the other. Characters from book will see, and sometimes interact with, characters from another book. Even if they don't know who they are. I love finding the little gems of consistency. Like all three books reference watching the same performance - yet don't notice each other. The books aren't meant for the characters to interact with each other from book to book, but it's nice to see that the three authors collaborated enough to have the central theme of the whole book match up.

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