Thursday, June 4, 2015

Day 72 Some Days Life Sucks

In general I try to be a happy person. Some days it doesn't matter how hard I try. Life just sucks.

I got out of bed late because I was out Ingress the night before and did a lot of walking. I finished a mission and was able to help Random get to level 7 but it was a lot of hill climbing and I'm not a young woman anymore. So I was sore from the walking and tired from the late night.

I was also starving. I know I ate dinner - and oddly I ate all of it - but for some reason I woke up so hungry that even Tim could hear my stomach demanding food. I grabbed a bagel and off I went to take a shower.

I just wanted to stay in the hot water but I had to be at work so my next project was putting in my contacts. I have glasses, and often wear them, but today I had decided that I would wear my contacts. I can see better with my contact lens then with my glasses. Something about how close the corrective lens is to my eye. With my contacts I can wear my sunglasses, which my eyes appreciate greatly since everything about me screams "NO SUNSHINE!"

My glasses have Transition lenses, which means they darken in the sunlight, but when they do darken then I can't read my cell phone. Not to mention they take a while to shift so I end up wearing sunglasses in doors for a bit. I do like my glasses but I feel better in my contacts.

Anyway my left eye felt that it didn't have to cooperate with this attempt to brighten my day. After fighting with it for a while I finally got it in. I can be stubborn. Not always my best trait but it's one I've come to acknowledge.

Because I couldn't shake the sluggishness of the morning I ended up packing my lunch slowly and had to hurry out the door so that I wasn't late for work. I made it to work where I quickly discovered that my choice of clothing was a huge mistake. It has been in the 50's all week so I wore a sweater. To, of course, the sun was out and it only took a few minutes for me to become uncomfortably warm. I called Tim and asked him to drop off a lighter weight shirt on his way past. He has to drive by my office anyway so it wasn't to much of an inconvenience.

As soon as I hung up I realized that it had become cold. Tim would be dropping off a shirt that wouldn't wear. UGH! I hate having to ask him to bail me out of my own problems so when the problem resolves itself after I've asked for help but before he's given it, I always feel like a bit of a dork.

From there the day just got worse. I ended up with a project that I could do because of an equipment failure, and ended up with several piles of "to do when things get fixed" on my desk. I hate having piles on my desk. I just want the stuff done.

I ended up having to call someone to try to get them to talk me through how to solve the problem, but he didn't understand the issue. I'm not sure that he's ever seen the equipment I was trying to get help with before because he kept asking about buttons and menus that my equipment just didn't have.

A co-worker heard me talking on the phone and was able to walk me through what had happened. Thank goodness for helpful co-workers! I managed to finally get through the piles on my desk before the next crisis came along.

I can completely understand the appeal of just going home and getting drunk after work now. Not that I'm a drinker and not that it really solves anything - but it would nice to put all the chaos on hold for a while so that my mind can catch up with the solutions.

Now that I think about it - this is why I read.

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